yoga classes Havant Hampshire
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yoga classes Havant Hampshire
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english language school southampton hampshire

Sole to Soul - Yoga, Oils, Holistic Therapies, Life Coaching & Beauty
Beauty Treatments

Luxury Facials

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

For our luxury facials we use the award winning organic Tropic skincare, helping to create a healthier, greener, more empowered world.

This beautiful, results-driven range of skincare products is 100% naturally derived and is loaded with innovative, fresh tropical organic ingredients, to gently yet effectively improve and maintain your skin.

Whether you are looking to fight blemishes, tackle the signs of ageing, balance out sensitivity or improve a dehydrated, dull, lackluster complexion, there is a facial to suit you.

Together we will discuss your skincare concerns and goals, before I assess your complexion, allowing me to select the best-suited products with which to carry out a professional facial that suits your individual needs, leaving your skin nourished and rejuvenated. At the end of the treatment I will gladly offer advice on how to care for your skin moving forwards and between professional treatments.

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

tropic skincare Havant Hampshire

For a limited period we are also offering Dermalogica facials - please enquire.

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

luxury facials Havant Hampshire

"Just had a little bit of luxury pampering, a facial with Jennie and I feel wonderful. Jennie is the ultimate professional and her passion for beauty therapy is obvious from the very first time you meet her. Jennie's bespoke facial was amazing especially the massage. " [Gill - Fareham]

Waxing Treatments

Benefit from this effective and lasting method of hair removal, using traditional warm wax or European hot wax where appropriate. Regular waxing will gradually weaken the hair growth, leaving a smooth finish.

Half leg (lower)
Half leg (thigh)
Three-quarter leg
Full leg
Standard Bikini (outside knicker line)
Extended Bikini (Just inside knicker line)
Dare to Bare (that little bit further)
Top Lip
Top Lip & Chin

Waxing Aftercare Advice

I follow good safe, hygienic standards to prevent risk of infection. It is therefore vital that you also take care to ensure that the waxed area is hygienically cared for when you leave the salon. Please follow these guidelines to ensure a successful treatment:

  • Take extra care of the waxed area, particularly within the first 24 hours.
  • Keep the area clean and soothed using recommended products only.
  • Avoid sunbathing, sunbed treatments and very hot baths for 48 hours as the waxed area will be sensitive to heat.
  • Also avoid swimming during this time.
  • Avoid friction from nylon material or tight clothing.
  • Avoid using perfumed products.
  • To minimise risk of infection, always wash your hands prior to applying lotion.

If you experience persistent redness or discomfort, please contact me for advice. If you feel concerned about the treated area in any way it is vital that you contact me immediately.

waxing Havant Hampshire

waxing Havant Hampshire

Your Hands & Feet

It is fair to say that our hands and feet give great insight into how we spend our time and hand and foot treatments can really add the final touch of class to any outfit. These days we are lucky to have so many options that help to beautify these hard working 'tools' of ours.

Jessica Natural Nail Treatments - The Jessica nail care system was founded in 1969 in Beverly Hills by Jessica, manicurist to Hollywood stars. Her belief is that everyone should treat their nails with the same care, respect and attention as we do our skin and hair, having recognised that nails are very much an individual thing and the treatment is not therefore a 'one size fits all' affair. She developed a unique system for manicure and pedicure treatments to nurture the hands and feet, prolonging the health and growth potential of natural nails.

Jessica GELeration Gel Polish Treatment - GELeration is kind to the natural nail. It will provide strength to the nails with a long lasting, high shine polish, which is odour and fume free. GELeration uses the latest GEL technology to customise the treatment according to the condition of the client’s nails each time. A GELeration treatment is pampering and luxurious offering far more than we have sadly grown accustomed in recent years.

Please note that I recommend you return to me for a professional soak off.

Gel Manicure
This treatment will include hand exfoliation, cuticle care, nail shaping & finished with GELeration polish & hand massage & cuticle oil.

Gel Pedicure
This treatment will include hard skin removal, exfoliation, cuticle care, nail shaping & finished with GELeration polish & foot massage & cuticle oil.
nail treatments Havant Hampshire

Alternatively you may opt for the more pampering experience of a good old-fashioned manicure or pedicure. Both these treatments may be boosted even further by including a hydrating masque and heated mitts or bootees. Cuticle work will be addressed and the skin will be soaked and exfoliated in preparation for a relaxing massage before the application of O.P.I. polish after which you will be given some quite time to relax while the polish dries to 'touch dry' level, in other words sufficiently to be able to put on your flip flops or open toe sandals (in the case of pedicure) and drive home.

Manicure and Pedicure Treatments

nail treatments Havant Hampshire

nail treatments Havant Hampshire

  • Express File & Polish on Fingers or Toes: approx. 25 mins

  • Traditional Manicure: approx. 45 mins - includes cuticle work & arm massage followed the application of OPI polish.

  • Luxury Manicure: approx. 60 mins - as above but includes a hand masque and heated mitts.

  • Traditional Pedicure: approx. 60 mins - includes exfoliation & leg massage followed by the application of OPI polish.

  • Luxury Pedicure: approx. 75 mins - as above but includes a foot masque and heated booties.

  • 'French Finish' manicure or pedicure.

  • Jessica Gel Nail Polish on Fingers or Toes : approx. 60 mins - includes soak off.

  • Jessica Gel Nail Polish Pedicure: approx. 75 mins - includes soak off, exfoliation, foot spa & foot massage.

  • Removal of Jessica Gel Polish: stand alone treatment - approx. 30 mins.

  • Manicure & Pedicure Aftercare Advice
    • Wear gloves for washing up and gardening (cotton lined gloves are a good idea to prevent sweat building up inside the gloves).
    • Keep the underside of the nail clean with a small nail brush.
    • Use hand cream regularly (preferably every time you wash your hands).
    • Use cuticle massage cream or cuticle oil regularly (keep a small bottle in your handbag).
    • Always apply base coat prior to varnish to prevent staining.
    • Use acetone free nail polish remover.
    • If nails are weak or fragile, do use a strengthener.
    • If nails are dry or brittle, soak in warm almond oil.
    • File in one direction only.
    • Cut toenails straight across and gently round the corners.
    • Re-apply top coat regularly.
    • Come for regular manicures/pedicures.
    • Treat your nails as jewels not tools!!

    nail treatments Havant Hampshire

    nail treatments Havant Hampshire

    Choose one of the beautiful nail colours from Jessica Natural Nail Treatments, which all have a pure gel base coat which is kind to the natural nail.

    Eyelash and Brow Treatments

    Achieve natural looking eyelashes without the use of mascara. Eyelash and/or brow tinting with vegetable dyes will darken and condition the lashes. This will need to be repeated every 4 - 6 weeks. * (Patch test required 24 hours before first tint)*.

    • *Eyelash tint - approx. 20 mins
    • *Eyebrow tint - approx. 10 mins
    • *Eyelash & Brow tint - approx. 30 mins
    • Eyelash Lifting / Eyelash Perming - approx. 30 mins

    Eyelash and Brow Treatments Aftercare Advice

    Some redness and swelling is usual but should settle within 24 hours. However, in the event of severe redness, swelling or allergic reaction, seek medical advice.

    In the case of eyebrow shaping:

    • Apply mild antiseptic soothing lotion.
    • Do not apply make up to the area for 12 hours or until skin settles.
    • Avoid touching or rubbing the area after treatment.
    • Avoid swimming or heat treatments ie. saunas or sun beds for 12 hours or until skin settles.

    brows and eyelashe treatments Havant Hampshire

    brows and eyelashe treatments Havant Hampshire

    Achieving natural looking eyelashes without the use of mascara...

    What our clients say...

    "I wanted to say a big thank you for doing my make up on the day, everyone, including myself loved it... "

    Frances, Waterlooville

    "Thank you so much for doing my wedding make up! Everyone commented on how lovely it was and my bridesmaids make up was gorgeous too! Thank you once again. "

    Pippa, Horndean


    If you wish to cancel your appointment, please give 24 hours notice. Failure to do so will result in your being charged 50% of the treatment(s) cost.

    Useful Information

    Please take the time to read the aftercare advice relevant to your treatment.
    If you are unsure where to park, please check with me at the start of your appointment.
    Prices are subject to change at any time.

    Management reserves the right to refuse treatment with no given reason.
    Men by referral only.

    yoga classes Bedhampton Havant Hampshire

    yoga classes Bedhampton Havant Hampshire

    yoga classes Bedhampton Havant Hampshire

    yoga classes Bedhampton Havant Hampshire
    Jennie is a member of the
    Guild of Beauty Therapists

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